Muthoot Gold Bullion Corporation, 2nd Floor, Building No.40/5594, Putherikkal Building, Market Road Ernakulam, Cochin - 682035, Kerala, India

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New Schemes of Muthoot Gold Bullion Corporation

Muthoot Gold Bullion Corporation (MGBC) is Muthoot Gold Bullion Corporation (MGBC) is the arm of The Muthoot Group that deals in the sale of gold coins/bars/pendants. The division was established in the year 2006. The core objective of MGBC is to facilitate Gold Coins/Bar/Pendants for gifting/investment purposes to suit the needs of a cross-section of the society regardless of their financial situations.


We offer Gold coins/bars/pendants at extremely competitive rates. Our wide range of designs and denominations separates us from the other industry players. Our Gold Coins can be purchased from any of our 5000+ Muthoot Finance branches. Now customers can buy gold coins by visiting . Our gold coins range from 0.5g to 50g, suiting all financial needs of our customers. We also offer monthly advance schemes that enable our customers to purchase large quantities of Gold with EMA (Equal Monthly Advances) and at flexible time periods.

Muthoot Easy Gold Scheme

A unique plan that allows an individual to invest in gold, the Easy Gold Scheme is tremendously beneficial. Under this, one is assured the receipt of a gold coin or bar/pendant after 3/6/11 months 20 days at the prevalent MGBC price by paying 3/6/11 months 20 days equal monthly advances. Price fluctuations in precious metals will not affect the EMA (or the total amount) that you will have to pay.

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Purchasing Gold was never this easy :

Our gold coins are available for online purchase at Click here to visit our website.

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Muthoot Precious Metals Corporation
2nd Floor, Building No.40/5594
Putherikkal Building,
Market Road Ernakulam,
Cochin - 682035
Kerala, India
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