Muthoot Environment Research Foundation

Creating a sustainable environment is the persistent goal of The Muthoot Group. That is why we try our best to prevent, preserve and sustain it. The Muthoot Environment Research Foundation (MERF) is the environment research wing of The Muthoot Group. We focus on the idea of “sustainable conservation”. At MERF, we take up work that encourages holistic problem-solving, aids in wildlife conservation, sustains and preserves the human race as well as the environment. We, at MERF, support a number of causes that further support indigenous communities by educating them on how to co-exist peacefully with their naturally gifted surroundings.


Conservation Study by MERF

MERF has taken up a unique conservation initiative jointly with the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) and the Periyar Foundation at Muthoot Cardamom County Resort. The purpose of this initiative is to protect 2 known species of nocturnal flying squirrels in the Western Ghats. Studying the habitat of the species as well as understanding the impact of human intervention in their natural surroundings is the aim of this study. This study (amongst others) spans from the Periyar Tiger Reserve to the Sholayar Forest reserve in Tamil Nadu.

MERF & Vasantha Sena

The “Vasantha Sena” initiative is extensively supported by MERF. The “Sena” is a group that is committed to preserving the forests and keeping poachers at bay. The eco-development committee in Thekkary at the Periyar Tiger Reserve supports the efforts of Tribal women to encourage the preservation of forests. The committee supports the purposes of the forest department which is to conserve and report any inconsistencies in the forest and also to protect the wildlife from being exploited by the illegal animal trade black markets.

MERF is willing to join and support any organization that is willing or is already actively involved in environmental preservation. The organization appreciates both small and large measures being taken for environment conservation.


Our Kettuvallams are a lot more than an outlet for entertainment and relaxation. These completely eco-friendly boats that float on the serene waters are an initiative of River Escapes. The houseboats, constructed entirely out of natural resources, provide a source of livelihood to a number of artisans. This way we not only increase employment but also preserve a rare art.

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